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  • Natural seashells, mainly from edible and/or common shellfish recycled into decorative knobs & pulls.

We are strengthening natural seashells, mainly shells from edible and/or common shellfish that we recycle into decorative knobs & pulls. Substantial quantities of shells are waist from the food chain. The shell knobs are filled with sand and contain little metal and chemicals, meaning earth-friendly fittings. Those knobs and handles are not painted nor varnished, their colour is natural, and can give a complete new accent to a kitchen in need of remodeling. In a bathroom beside drawer and cabinet pulls, one can also fix a few larger ones on the wall, very decorative and when needed to hang a towel, the needed peg is right there. Without overloading shelves and tables with additional loose decorations, shellknobs can bring a beach accent into your home just by replacing part of the existing fittings. It will make you dream of tropical beaches and islands, and what a fun for children having real shells as knobs and pulls.

Very strong doorknobs and cabinet handles made of recycled seashells can change the home accents. Home design with this seashell decorative hardware made into cabinet handles, door handles and knobs gives you a fantastic beach accent.
Excellent for home remodeling is using fittings made out of shells.
Yacht remodeling with this shell yacht décor is just perfect.